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While the majority of the swedes on the trip got ready to unload the ferry in Travamünde, I was still enjoying a breakfast in Hamburg. Todays plan was a ride from Hamburg to Reims.

As soon as Oliver managed to drop the kids of to kindergarten, we went off to meet up with the others at Stillhorn, just south of Hamburg. Arriving to Stillhorn we see start to see quite a few Corvettes so it’s understood that we are the last ones. After entering the little Café we soon realized that we were just minutes behind. Not too much shame there 🙂

Comparing the routes everyone have planned, we see that our plan is the odd one. We planned to go south on the A7 from Hamburg, and the majority planned for the A1. The inside info from the morning news was that A1 was full of construction places, and would most likely take a longer time. Many had their routes printed out, so it’s understood that it’s not that easy to change route. We also got info about two others that never stopped at Stillhorn. They went ahead directly, was that maybe because they didn’t drive a Corvette ;-). I would gladly change seats since they drove a brand new Bentley GT.

Visa större karta

In the end we stick to our Route along A7 south, since the both routes anyway will join up a bit south, just by Dortmund. But… on the choice for A1 or A7, we ended up being the unlucky ones anyway, this due to an accident, (not easy to plan for). A truck had broken down, and of course it broke down in an construction area so the three lanes had to become one lane.

Arriving to Dortmund around lunch time, we make a call and check the status of one of the other cars. Being in an unfamiliar region and driving at the same time as speaking in the phone, we didn’t really understood if we were behind or in front. Hungry as we were we aimed for the next Ratzenplatzen, (excuse my german :-). Just rolling in to the parking we notice another corvette, and we quickly notice that we found a friend… It’s Jan-Erik and Christel in their -91 ZR1. It was nice to have some additional company during lunch. The food was probably not the best we would experience this weekend, but it fulfilled it’s task and we were no longer hungry.

After lunch we just let the GPS lead the way, and even though it wasn’t planned, we would meet up with Jan-Erik and Christel two more times during the day, what are the odds on that?

Hmmmmm… About letting the GPS leading the way… Maybe not always the best idea. Liege in Belgium was a city that we were supposed to just pass. However the GPS thought it would be a good to take us through the city center. Time wise maybe not the smartest move, but at least we got to see a bit of an industrial town in Belgium. Finally out of Liege, it was straight south heading for Reims, France.

Traffic in Belgium was really OK and the ride went smooth. This giving us time to mentally prepare for the expensive French highways. However, when finally in France, it must have been a strike or something, since we were let through all the toll gates without paying. Closing in on Reims we got to experience the other side of GPS tech… we arrived straight to our target without any sightseeing this time. And you know what! We were first, (not counting the Bentley guys, who probably went through Germany cruising in 280 kph). The Hotel had nicely arranged for some VIP parking for us. While getting settled in the room, the others starts to arrive about an hour behind. Well, it’s not a competition, and they probably saw more along the way.

Since we now were in the Champagne area of France we of course needed to start the evening with a glass of… yeah, you guessed right, a glass of Champagne. This followed by a very nice dinner with good company.

Click on the image bellow to see a few pictures from Day 2. Use the Right and Left arrow keys to navigate through the pictures.
Road Trip Le Mans 24h 2010

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