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Friday morning starting with a nice breakfast in the hotel, à la french style. Today we have a bit shorter ride in front of us, just under 350 km, so we are not in an extrem hurry in the morning. However, we were supposed to cross over Paris, with the risk of some trafic there. Getting packed and putting the bags in the car again, I realize that some guys are actually cleaning their cars, hmmmm… being on my first official road tour, I wonder if I’m supposed to the same?!? After considering it for a few milliseconds I don’t! I might reconsider when in Le Mans.

The trip for the day:

Visa större karta

Time for the co-driver to take the wheel today, and the ride to goes without any big problems. It looks that the potential gatekeepers strike yesterday was a one-day-thing, cause today there is no free ride on the highway. Today time the GPS takes on directly on our target Le Mans Race Track, it even went fluently through the Paris traffic.

Again arriving to the destination before everyone else, (again except the Bentley guys :-)). This feels strange since we never went to the extreme speeds, and later hearing stories from the rest of the guys, that they sometimes along the way went really fast. My guess is many coffee breaks…

Here’s a short video from driving through France, and don’t be fooled by the speed difference between us and the trucks… (the must have been very slow, since we didn’t go over the allowed limit 😉

Yeah! time for some tent building. Maybe I didn’t mention that earlier, but the two nights in Le Mans were supposed be in a tent. First picking out a good spot for the tent, since the weather forecast was dark we really needed to make sure we didn’t place the tent where all the water would end up. Oliver brought the tent, so he was the “inside-guy” who knew the details of setting it up. Not surprised, just minutes later the tent was up.

Now the rest of the guys starts to arrive to the Corvette Camp, which is just next to Alain Prost’s go-cart track. Being all ready with the tent building, we can focus on the socializing part, trying to disturbe everyone else us much as possible while they’re building their tents up :-D.

Time to do some checking in with the organizers, getting all the tickets etc. Some moments later we all take a walk up to the commercial area to take a look around, and maybe we’ll find some snacks or beer as well, dinner will be served in the camp later on.

Back in the camp we can notice that one of the stars of the weekend just arrived as well. The newly restored Car No. 3 wich won the Le Mans 24h 50 years ago. And this car will this weekend be driven a lap around the track by one of its original drivers John Fitch, today 93 years old. How impressive isn’t that. You can read more about this on www.stillracing.com. Here’s a short move of when the car is later in the night loaded back into safety on the truck.

In the evening a nice dinner was organized in the huge camp tent, where we also were entertained by some french can can dancers, who also “dragged” two very very voluntary dinner guests. I think we end the Day 3 story right there. Back soon with Day 4.

Enjoy some pictures from the day, just click on the image bellow and navigate with the left and right arrows to see all the pictures:
Road Trip Le Mans 24h 2010

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